A Friendly Fishmonger in the Harbour, Rowan

Published in / Opublikowane w: Resistance. Voices of Exiled Writers

edited by / pod redakcją Jennifer Langer

Palewell Press

Date of publication / Data publikacji: 2020


A friendly fishmonger in the harbour suddenly spews TV-hatred
as acrid and thick as toilet bleach.
His fish spoils faster.
I go vegan. 

People are lighter
in the streets, ready for flight.
There is no looking each other in the eye.
Dense fear mutes
the tongues of other languages.
And then there is the “oh, we like your lot, it’s the others…”

I can still see the coast of France
when the air is clear.


I know you.
I know you so well. And
yet… Jarzębina czerwona,

your red berries –
jarred conserves,
strung necklaces or songs.

You were always
so very cheerful. But in this
country you are not

a children’s tree

Your smoke –
druids’ telephone line
to the nether

world. Your wood –
a shield against
lightning and thunder-

storm. Your whisper
in the harbour –
its armour.

And I don’t know you.

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