Life on Mars, *** (My one with the skin of burnt caramel), Anxiety

Published in / Opublikowane w: The Blue Nib (38)

Date of publication / Data publikacji: June, 2019


I am a hammock hung in a small garden
between two wooden poles
erected at opposite ends.

I blush all orange and grey,
tightly hugging two metal hooks,
rubbing them with black rope.

I swing back and forth
gently (or not),
sometimes nauseatingly.

I get wet with the rain
or with water from the hose.
I like brushing against the potted mint.

Or sage.
I can be tricky to get into,
even trickier to get out of.

I am a cocoon
padded with blankets and cushions,
cosy and stifling.

Come in to me,
be in the sun and out of the sun.

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