Giddy-up fast, giddy-up slow, to a wondrous land, on we go!

Excerpt / Fragment:

On my trains I would go to Polska
– Tytus from London, 3 years old

My name Tytus. I live in London, in a little house. I born at London, Poland. I am one, two and pięć (five) and ten years old. At London mum speaks to me in Polish, tata (dad) in English and uncle Komim in French. In nursery I speak in English. I remember Polish words: pociągi (trains)… [Long pause] księżyc (moon),warzywa (vegetables) and jengiel (węgiel; coal). I like speak English and Polish, I like eat tomato, avocado, brokuły (broccoli) and cucumber. [He sings:] Cool as ice, cool cool cucumber, zielony, zieloniu-u-u-tki (green), cool as a dream, I’m a cool number. A a a!
I got many train. Diesel train got many carriage. So many carriage! With fuel. On my trains I would go to Polska, to see uncle Herbert, uncle Przemek and auntie Emi. Map of Polska has my name on it, and a teddy bear and cake [he points to Polish dumplings]. London is duży (big). Granny live there, the Queen. Lubię (I like) her. Polska don’t have queen. Uncle Przemek is the boss there.

The sand there was different colour
– Feluś from Newport, 7 years old

I was born in Szczecin and my canary birds were born at home on the Island. Poland? It’s in Europe. I go there by plane, then I have to take a prom (ferry) for a bit. When it comes to Polish food I like eating cutlets with potatoes and pickled gherkins. My friends from school know about Poland. I taught them. Polish children play different games than the English ones, but I don’t know which ones exactly, because I spend most of the time in England and I don’t like homework. I would rather live in Poland. When I’m there I go to Nakielno near Wałcz, I go fishing and with granny to her allotment. I have this basket fixed to my bike, in the front, where I put food. At the allotment I do some digging, but mostly I eat everything. There are wild strawberries there, blueberries, strawberries, apples and grapes. Plenty plenty! In Poland I like this little doggie Suri the most. It’s eight years old. I throw a ball and it chases it around the room. I prefer to speak Polish at home, but sometimes I run out of words. Then I speak English to my granny and my mum. I also remember that the Polish sea was warmer than the English one and the sand there was a different colour.



Patataj, patataj, pojedziemy w cudny kraj!


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