Little Angel

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Short story from Mirka Szychowiak’s collection “Gniazdozbiór” published in Poland by ME-KOMP in 2015.

Opowiadanie z tomu Mirki Szychowiak “Gniazdozbiór” wydanego w Polsce przez ME-KOMP w 2015 roku.

Excerpt / Fragment:

It’s strange when somebody calls you ‘their little Angel’ as you lie on two armchairs put together because when they brought you here late at night, there were no beds available. You could sleep and sleep, but it’s not possible. Shush-shush-shush, lines of soft slippers polish the floor in the corridor, taking breaks only for meals and sleep. You can’t get out of here, because somebody’s stolen all the door handles. Bitchy nurses drag the patients away from the windows, God only knows why, since everything is barred anyway.

“You, ill ones, come get your pills. Open your gobs, don’t hide the tablets under your tongues.” Nurse Kazia is the worst. “Maryśka, swallow. It must go down, I want peace and quiet at night. Ulka’s swallowed everything today, so she will get a reward. Mrs Władzia, stop chewing your pills, you are making me sick. Drink some water and they’ll go down. Yes, just like that!”


They say that I didn’t have to come here after the accident. They let me out two months in, too early. I don’t want to leave. I must say goodbye.

“Come, precious ones, let’s cry together before I go. I will be back with you as soon as I can. No, I won’t stay; they don’t want me here anymore. Władzia, dear, keep the peace, won’t you? Don’t let anybody hit Zosia. And please don’t fight amongst yourselves. I will miss you too. I might be back for longer, who knows. Doctor tells me that I’m highly inclined but, you know, life plays tricks sometimes.”

I take a taxi back to earth, my tears dripping onto the upholstered seat. The driver turns around, worried.

“Shall I take you back there?”

“Oh, I’d love that, Sir, but I have to get unwell first.”





Mirka Szychowiak


B O D Y Literature



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