Stories of Each Other: Do We Care?

It was a day before the EU referendum when Free Word Centre held an evening called Stories of Each Other: Do We Care? In the charged pre-referendum atmosphere the wonderful people of FWC decided to invite guests from newly arrived communities and ask them to describe their experience of migration. There were writers from Iraq to Sri Lanka, Ethopia to Iran and beyond. The star-studded read-a-thon list consisted of: Marina Lewycka, Deborah Levy, Kamila Shamsie, Inua Ellams, Xiaolu Guo, Alireza Abiz, Sita Bramachari, Amir Darwish, Nineh Lamassu, Sufiya Ahmed, Sulaiman Addonia, Minna Salami, Shah Trevett and Jan Krasnowolski. Jan read an excerpt of his short story African Electronics in Polish and I read the same part in English (thank you, FWC, for having me!). You can watch excerpts of the evening on YouTube and listen to the podcast on Soundcloud.

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