Life on Mars

Published in / Opublikowane w: European Literature Network

Date of publication / Data publikacji: August/Sierpień, 2018


Life on Mars is Anna Blasiak’s response to I Can’t Remember My Future Name by Ilzė Butkutė, translated by Rimas Uzgiris, which made Anna think of the “American Horror Story. Freak Show”. The poem has been written during ‘Transreading the Baltics’ course ran by Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese at the Poetry School.




I stumble upon Elsa’s blond perm wig,

her red lipstick and wooden leg.

I walk past a jar with pickled Ma Petite.

This is home.


I am the third Siamese sister

to Bette and Dot.

My sink is blocked

with shaved-off beard, like Ethel’s.


I am a permanent resident of Jupiter,

a regular freak.

I wear a suit and eye-shadow

in David Bowie blue.


Here all talk is Meep,

all talk is throwing daggers,

pinheads end up in Briarcliff

on the other side of the story.


And only in the afterlife

life goes on on Mars

and wooden limbs

grow back.

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