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Date of publication / Data publikacji: 2014





It started two days before.

On Sunday from the morning

forty muttons on the spits. And kokoretsi.

Music and dancing between

the tables set

for eight hundred people.

Silent mountains around

And an inaudible hum of the sea somewhere in the background.

Ancient language. Familiar language. Incomprehensible language.

Whistling in the dance. Ouzo and beer. Heat.

Turkish blood, black eyes. Hops.

Dark scarved heads.

Brothers, cousins, uncles.





I was waiting.

The phone sort of


protrudes on the table.

Under the blind lamp.

Feeling around.

A lot of wine, a lot, you say.

A lot of tears, a lot.

A lot. I.

Am. Waiting.

The phone sort of.

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